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2024 FutureVerse National Finals

Date: April 23 – 24, 2024

Location: Ottawa, Canada 

futureverse poetry national finals azrieli studio ottawa

April 23, 2024

Panel discussion “Poetry during a time of eco-crisis” at CLUB SAW

3:30- 5:00 pm
Writing intensive in gallery space

Poetry PJ Party and judges’ reading at hotel (Ottawa Rm.)

April 24, 2024

Reception at Azrieli Studio lobby

National Finals Show at Azrieli Studio (Judge)

Giving the Wound Air:
Expressing the Inexpressible in Your Own Words With Susan Musgrave

Date: May 12 – 17, 2024

Location: Holly Hock Retreats

Susan Musgrave Grief Writing Workshop May 2024

In this interactive workshop, use readings and exercises to delve into your own grief journey through whatever medium you choose. We will write, and share our work, when we are ready, with other participants in a brave, non-judgmental space. No writing experience required. Every time I sit down to write, I am a beginner.

Margaret Atwood has said all writing is an attempt to bring back the dead. To journey into the past and bring back what is vanished. If we can’t bring our beloved ones back physically, we can do it in our own words, one truthful word at a time.

Susan Musgrave signing books at Griffin Awards with Lucca
Susan Musgrave signing books at Griffin Awards, June 2023
Susan Musgrave travels widely, both abroad and in Canada, to give speeches, writing workshops and poetry readings, and has been Writer-in-Residences at four Canadian universities. Most recently she read at the 8th Winter Warmer Poetry Festival (26th-29th November, via Zoom and live-streamed via Youtube), Cork, Ireland, and at the Phil Grimes Pub, Waterford, Ireland, in November 2022.

8th Winter Warmer Poetry Festival 2022

About Her Public Performances