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perfectly secret susan musgrave

Perfectly Secret: The Secret Lives of Seven Teen Girls

Edited by Susan Musgrave

Annick Press, 2004
ISBN 10 1550378643

Price: $10.00
(Plus postage & handling as noted above)

Seven essays from the heart.

“When I was sixteen years old, I had secrets, all right. But my secrets were not exactly my own; they were the secrets of others.” So writes Nan Germaine in Perfectly Secret, Susan Musgrave’s fourth collection of essays written by women writers about their teenage lives. 

Nan remembers the loneliness of enduring her parent’s secret confessions: her mother’s unhappiness and her father’s infidelity. For Anita Rau Badami, a mad aunt was her hidden shame. Meanwhile, a drunken father meant Lorna Crozier could never invite her friends home. And Cathy Stonehouse, who lived her life in fragments, found her secret self-threatened in a not-so-innocent game of Truth or Dare. 

Heartfelt, disarmingly honest, at times painful, these essays eloquently capture the reality of adolescent life. Perfectly Secret is a testament to the axiom that life isn’t always as it appears.

certain things about my mother susan musgrave

Certain Things About My Mother: Daughters Speak

Young Adult
Edited by Susan Musgrave

Annick Press, 2003
ISBN 1-55037-812-0

Price: $10.00
(Plus postage & handling as noted above)

A third anthology of honest voices that resonates with teens. These stories are deeply personal, poignant accounts of the relationship between mothers and daughters during the contributors’ teen years.  Hiromi Goto is conflicted about accepting her mother’s reassurance of love. To right things, Goto declares, “Tomorrow I’ll have to be extra bitchy so she’ll know she’s not my friend.”  When Sue Goyette’s mother takes a job, her daughter becomes the surrogate mother by default. The initial feeling of power is soon replaced by a longing for the way things were.  Melanie Little’s nerves jangle from the constancy of the fighting between her and her mother, leaving her to “figure out how human beings can sustain such nastiness.”  Such is the world of teen daughter/ mother relationships. Except when you’re motherless. Priscila Uppal’s story exudes the pain of wondering how her mother could leave without explanation, without seeming to care.  These memoirs shine with truthfulness. They will comfort teen readers as they struggle to become the women they want to be.
you be me susan musgrave

You Be Me: Friendship in the Lives of Teen Girls

Young Adult
Edited by Susan Musgrave

Annick Press, 2002
ISBN 1-55037-738-8

Price: $10.00
(Plus postage & handling as noted above)

Girls in their teens form friendships that are astonishingly intense, yet these relationships are often broken and reformed, filled with confidences and betrayals, loyalty and fickleness.

In these deeply honest essays, seven women present humorous, poignant, and revealing accounts of their own adolescent friendships.

nerves out loud susan musgrave

Nerves Out Loud: Critical Moments in the Lives of Seven Teen Girls

Young Adult
Edited by Susan Musgrave

Annick Press, 2001
ISBN 1-55037-692-6

Price: $10.00
(Plus postage & handling as noted above)

When something major occurs in your life, you are never the same again. In Nerves Out Loud, seven women writers share pivotal moments from their teen years, concentrating on an event or series of events that changed their lives and turned them in a new direction. By telling their stories passionately and fearlessly, these authors encourage young women everywhere to grab their youth and their sense of self and hold on tight as they examine who they are. 

Told in each woman’s unique voice, these stories are conveyed sometimes with humor and sometimes with terror, but each with a sense of urgency and honesty. Susan Musgrave, the series editor’s, Going Crazy, Wanna Come? invites readers into her wild teen years on the run — from school, to California, from a mental hospital. With the help of other writers, she realizes she isn’t crazy — she’s a poet.

because you loved being a stranger 55 poets celebrate patrick lane

Because You Loved Being a Stranger: 55 Poets Celebrate Patrick Lane

Edited by Susan Musgrave

Patrick Lane
Harbour Publishing,1998
ISBN-10 ‏ 1550171011
ISBN-13 ‏ 978-1550171013‏

Price: n/a

Why have so many writers chosen to dedicate poems to Patrick Lane over the years? This phenomenon fascinated Susan Musgrave long before she got the idea of collecting the best of the poems in a single anthology, which happily came together in conjunction with Lane’s 55th birthday.