Susan Musgrave's creations
from A Cargo of Orchids
are back in a diabolical
and tender, action-packed and
meditative novel, Given.


"Susan Musgrave has always trusted A.E. Housman's definition of poetry: words that affect us physically, that find their way to something deep inside that is obscure and latent, something older than the present organization of ourselves." ~ Leaf Press

Susan Musgrave 2014 Winner

Matt Cohen Award: In Celebration of a Writing Life

Sponsored by Marla and David Lehberg


New and Upcoming Books:

Food Gathering and Feasting at the Edge of the World
It has a New Title, and it will now be published in the spring of 2015 by Whitecap.

Susan Musgrave edits new anthology of B.C. women poets


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November 2014

Susan Musgrave 2014 Winner

Matt Cohen Award: In Celebration of a Writing Life

Sponsored by Marla and David Lehberg

   ... And...

Susan is continuing working on a Cookbook:

                             It has a New Title, and it will now be published in the spring of 2015 by Whitecap.

A TASTE OF HAIDA GWAII: Food Gathering and Feasting at the Edge of the World

Includes Susan Musgrave's highly coveted sourdough bread recipe and more in "From the Forage of the Oven" a chapter on beach combing and wash-up and a recipe for Shipwrecked Chicken Wings; in "A Rogue's Galley", and you will read about a local fisherman who offered an exotic dancer 50 lbs of shrimp to spend the night with him, and a famous politician's recipe for Rustled Beef by Gaslight.

August 2014

Love You More (Orca, April 2014)                                                             
is on the August 10, 2014 BC Bestseller's List!

June 2014

Susan Musgrave & Dominic Legault
Susan's spoken word poetry + Dominic's pump organ    accompaniment.

The much anticipated album
will be available in the spring of 2015.

Some remarkably successful live shows led to this album's immaculate conception. Inspired by Haida Gwaii, and the Sangan River on which they both live, a mere stones throw away from each other.

February 2014

Trading bread for eggs: A poet’s life

"I still don’t know, after 40 years of being here, what it is about the place that changes your life." -- Susan Musgrave

February 06th, 2014


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January 2014

Force Field anthology book reviewers' favourite read of 2013

Quirky tales, compelling poetry, social commentary make cut The Vancouver Sun asked
a few of our freelance book reviewers to choose some of their favourite reads of 2013.
By Mary Ann Moore, Brett Josef Grubisic Candace Fertile and Tom Sandborn, Special To The Sun February 3, 2014


By Susan Musgrave
....First Prize in Accenti's contest...

Shelagh's extended conversation with Susan Musgrave

November 2013

ReLit Awards announces 2013 shortlists

The ReLit Awards has abandoned its infamously thorough longlists in favour of 10-title shortlists.Founded by writer Kenneth J. Harvey, the annual awards recognize novels, short fiction, and poetry published by Canadian independent literary presses. The winners will be presented with specially crafted ReLit rings at a date to be announced.*


  • Given, Susan Musgrave (Thistledown)

August 2013

Silent in Its Shout
A Long Weekend in Sicilia

By Susan Musgrave
....First Prize in Accenti's contest...

These high-profile relationships underscore UBC Creative Writing’s contributions over the years to the Canadian literary scene. The program has consistently punched above its weight in terms of publications by its alumni, prize nominations, and international recognition. Names like  Susan Musgrave (Origami Dove) ...

House of Anansi Press reissues its 1996 book Alden Nowlan: Selected Poems as part of its
A List series.
Story by Mike Landry
  >>> Click here to read the article

"Alden Nowlan: Selected Poems, first published in 1996 by Anansi, gets a  makeover  and new
introduction by Susan Musgrave in a newly released edition, joining works like  Atwood’s The Circle Game
and Dennis Lee’s Civil Elegies in the Anansi A List."

BC Magazine :Island CHARACTER
Poet and Writer reflects on her next chapter as cookbook author and owner of an eclectic Haida Gwaii guest house.

by MASA TAKEI    photography: KATHLEEN HINKEL    >>> Click here to read the article

June 2013

The author and poet Susan Musgrave discusses life on Haida Gwaii, poetry, education, and the collection she’s edited, Force Field: 77 Women Poets of British Columbia (Mother Tongue Publishing, 2013), with Joseph Planta.

Force Field: 77 Women Poets of British Columbia edited by Susan Musgrave (Mother Tongue Publishing, 2013).

Click to buy this book from Force Field

I am Planta: On the Line, in Vancouver at
Joseph Planta


May 2013

CBC's The  Next Chapter Shelagh Rogers, Susan Musgrave interview will be broadcast on Monday, May 27th,just after 1:30 pm, and then again on Saturday, June 1st, just after 4:30 pm. We'll also post an unedited version of the interview with Shelagh as a podcast on TNC's website on May 27th.

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"Kiss Tickle Cuddle Hug"
made The Canadian Children’s Book Centre Best Books for Kids & Teens
Spring 2013

Update from 2011:

Musgrave in particular, in her Governor’s General Award-nominated volume
Origami Dove, has broken through to a new level of consciousness.

Link: +masters+voices+merit+prizes/5767192/story.html

March 2013

Susan Musgrave is the author of 27 books, of poetry, fiction, nonfiction and children's literature. She recently won the B.C. Civil Liberties Association Liberty Award for art and the Spirit Bear Award, which honours writers who make a significant contribution to the poetry of the Pacific Northwest.

Musgrave dropped by North by Northwest to talk about her latest novel, Given, which is a sequel to her earlier novel Cargo of Orchids. The book is full of ghosts and dreams, and characters who live on the margins in various ways. Its themes include motherhood and loss. The narrative opens dramatically with an accident on a California highway, in which a prisoner facing a death sentence escapes and heads up the coast to British Columbia, where she reunites with her husband. That's just the beginning of an action-packed story.



April 2013 to December 2012

Poetry London Presents:


“One Wild Best Friend” on the iLit Digital Collection which has now been posted on the site:


Winner of B.C. Civil Liberties Association Liberty Award for Art 
~June 2012  

I am Susan, Hear me Roar

Desperately Seeking Susans - A Review.

Taking its title from the 1985 movie about a housewife who gets amnesia and is mistaken for a drifter, Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang’s anthology charts the wildly diverse lives, experiences, and perspectives of Canadian poets exclusively called “Susan”.

“Essay in “On Freedom, Spirit, Art and State in Manoa: A Pacific Journal"

Essays in On Freedom are by Japanese writer Mutsuo Takahashi, Tibetan Woeser Tsering, and American Phil Choi. Drama is by American writer Catherine Filloux. Fiction is by Chinese writers A Yi and Zhang Yihe; South Asian Sukrita Paul Kumar; Americans Quan Barry and Andrew Lam;
Canadian Susan Musgrave; American Thersa Matsuura, now living in Japan; and Filipino Jose Y. Dalisay Jr. Poetry is by Chinese writer Chen Dongdong; Burmese Khin Aung Aye, Thitsar Ni, and Tin Moe; and Americans W. S. Di Piero, Tess Gallagher, Melissa Kwasny, and Naomi Long.      OR


Toronto Public Library Announces 2012 First & Best Booklist the highly anticipated selection of the
year’s best in Canadian books for children from birth to age five that are fun to read and help build early literacy skills. 


First Prize: “The Goodness of this World”

University of Victoria 50th-Anniversary Prize: The Malahat Review
Second Prize: Personal Effects



Work included in:

111 West Coast Literary Portraits

Photographs by Barry Peterson and Blaise Enright

The Salmon Recipes

Desperately Seeking Susans

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