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My Love is for You by Susan Musgrave

My Love is For You

Board Book
Illustrated by Marilyn Faucher
Baby-2 years

Orca Book Publishers, 2019
ISBN 10 1459818466
ISBN 13 978-1459818460

In this board book (for the Baby-2 set, and all others who like to chew their books!) Susan Musgrave weaves the purity, strength and sweetness of love with simple joys from nature experienced through the seasons.

Marilyn Faucher’s vibrant illustrations are a lovely complement to Musgrave’s prose, and together these elements introduce babies and toddlers to the delight of cold summer plums, a shower of cherry blossom petals and the endlessness of love. A perfect read-aloud, this poetic board book will foster warmth and closeness with the littlest ones in your life.

more blueberries susan musgrave

More Blueberries

Board Book
Illustrated by Esperança Melo Baby-2 years

Orca Book Publishers, 2015
ISBN 10 1459807073
ISBN 13 978-1459807075

BESTSELLER!  These young twins can’t get enough of their favorite snack—and they aren’t the only ones! With playful rhyming text from poet Susan Musgrave and gorgeous illustrations, this exuberant board book will delight little ones and have everyone happily shouting, “More blueberries!”

love you more susan musgrave

Love You More

Board Book
Illustrated by Esperança Melo Baby-2 years

Orca Book Publishers, 2014
ISBN 10 1459802403
ISBN 13 978-1459802407

Spanning one full calendar year, this rhyming board book celebrates the deep love between caregiver and child.

Rendered in couplets, the verses weave expressions of affection with vivid imagery from the natural world, making it ideal for teaching young ones about the seasons and the beauty of nature.

With vibrant, heartwarming illustrations, this is a perfect read-aloud to foster warmth and closeness with baby.

kiss tickle cuddle hug susan musgrave

Kiss Tickle Cuddle Hug

Board Book

Orca Book Publishers, 2012
ISBN 10 1459801636
ISBN 13 978-1459801639

A board book for babies and toddlers that introduces facial expressions, emotions and gestures of affection.

In Kiss, Tickle, Cuddle, Hug, emotions are linked to facial expressions with an array of colorful close-up photographic images that showcases a multiethnic cast of babies. Perfect for little hands to hold (and chew on!)

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kestral and leonardo susan musgrave

Kestrel and Leonardo

Illustrated by Linda Rogers

Studio 123, 1990
ISBN 1-895302-02-1

Price: $10.00
(Plus postage & handling as noted above)

Kestrel and Leonardo are dream children who want to taste the universe. Trying out their tiny wings, they travel everywhere between the stars and the bottom of the sea, meeting angels and jellyfish, bad guys and butterflies. This lyrical poem, full of humour and wisdom, beautiful music and pictures, is for imaginative children of all ages.

dreams are more real-than bathtubs susan musgrave

Dreams are More Real Than Bathtubs

Illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay
4-8 years

Orca Book Publishers, 1999
ISBN 10 1551431076
ISBN 13 978-1551431079

Price: $10.00
(Plus postage & handling as noted above)

Many families treasure the precocious sayings of their very young. Poets’ families no doubt accumulate better bon mots than most; thus, we’re not surprised when the dust-jacket reveals that many of the expressions in Susan Musgrave’s book came from her daughter, Sophie. The book’s unnamed central character mishears “fierce” as “fear us” – hence, a “fear-us tiger.” “I am pudding on my clothes,” she tells her mother. “Get it?” She asks to stay up “early” instead of “late.” Instead of ridiculing or correcting such mistakes, Musgrave intimates we should celebrate them as rudimentary forms of poetry. The same thing goes for dreams, which throw up some very peculiar images: a spotted cat laying spotted eggs in a nest on the dreamer’s head, a flying bathtub draining onto her new school. 

At first this little girl – wonderfully drawn by Marie-Louise Gay as spindly-legged, gap-toothed, and original in dress – is afraid to go to sleep because she’ll have nightmares. By the last pages, however, she and her dreams are reconciled; having successfully negotiated her first day of school, she’s even planning to bring her dreams to Show and Tell. What makes this possible? Growing up in a loving family environment where both fears and dreams are acknowledged by a caring parent.” — Quill & Quire

hag head susan musgrave

Hag Head

Illustrated by Carol Evans

Clarke, Irwin 1980
Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 1989
Illustrated by Carol Evans
ISBN-10 0772012512
ISBN-13 978-0772012517

Price: n/a

Absolutely captures the essence of Halloween with a great story of trick or treating and witches, ghouls and ghosts in a small town. Incredibly vivid and beautifully detailed illustrations that will engage the imagination of kids and adults of all ages. My mom read this to me every Halloween since I was about 6 years old, and now at 31, it’s still part of my annual Halloween tradition! And I’m really not joking – kids and adults alike will love the richness of this incredibly illustrated story.

This is a rich, engaging and timeless Halloween story (each page has incredible illustrations). Great to see it back in print. Happy hauntings all! (Mark R. Reviewing on

gullband by susan musgrave

Gullband Thought Measles Was a Happy Ending

Illustrated by Rikki Ducornet

JJ Douglas, 1974
Paperback, 1974
ISBN 10 0888940580
ISBN 13 978-0888940582

Price: $10.00
(Plus postage & handling as noted above)

Anyone who has explored a very secret garden, or heard an elephant breathing outside their window at night, will love this book. It is a joy a blend of bewitching simplicity and rich fantasy that brings together forty-three poems from Susan Musgrave and thirty-nine illustrations from Rikki Ducornet.