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Editorial Services

Susan works as an editor of poetryfiction, memoir and children’s writing with writers at all stages of their careers. 

She is often hired by publishers to edit books that have already been accepted for publication, but also works with writers who wish to self-publish, and need advice.

She charges $125/hour— less than a therapist and possibly just as therapeutic. Total price depends on many factors.

Manuscript Evaluation

Susan evaluates book-length manuscripts to help ready them for submission to publishers. She will provide feedback on strengths and weaknesses, and the overall quality of the writing. Her fee for editing work involved will be established only after she has read the manuscript and made an initial assessment.

Her fee for reading the manuscript and making the initial assessment ranges from $250 to $500, depending on the length and genre (i.e. poetry will usually cost less!)

Susan Musgrave Canadian editor providing editing services for writers and manuscripts.

Contact Susan for More Details

Contact Susan today for more information about her editing and manuscript evaluation services.

Email: musgrave.susan@gmail.com