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Kiss, tickle, cuddle and hug your way through a book every baby and toddler will love.
An enjoyable board book for babies and toddlers that introduces facial expressions, emotions and gestures of affection. In Kiss, Tickle, Cuddle, Hug, emotions are linked to facial expressions with an array of colorful close-up photographic images that showcases a multiethnic cast of babies. Perfect for little hands to hold, this is a board book to share and enjoy over and over again.

  CM Magazine - October 12, 2012
"A range of emotions recognizable by caregivers and early childhood educators alike will appeal to babies and toddlers who are becoming more emotionally aware...Babies will be especially attracted to the variety of facial expressions, and all readers will appreciate the racial diversity of the children in the photographs...Highly Recommended."


Dreams Are More Real Than Bathtubs

Grownups sometimes tell you that dreams are not real.   This little girl knows differently. In her world, dreams are much more real than bathtubs, houses, purple shoes, worms... even the first day of school.   Sometimes the dreams are fun; sometimes the dreams are scary.   But, most important, the dreams tell her about the feelings that she has inside.   And if she can just get through it, that first day she's worried about might not be so bad.   After all, dreams are more real than school.   And she's not just dreaming, you know.

Inspired by daughter Sophie's expressions, Susan Musgrave has adopted a child's voice and viewpoint to create a heroine of startling honesty.   Coupled with illustrator Marie-Louise Gay's bright, and wildly imaginative artwork, Dreams Are More Real Than Bathtubs invites the young reader into a place where dreams -the real world - are never so frightening that they can't be conquered.




Kestrel and Leonardo

Kestrel and Leonardo are dream children who want to taste the universe. Trying out their tiny wings, they travel everywhere between the stars and the bottom of the sea, meeting angels and jellyfish, bad guys and butterflies.   This lyrical poem, full of humour and wisdom, beautiful music and pictures, is for imaginative children of all ages.


Hag Head

a Hallowe'en story about children who are followed by demons





This book is a small map of a strange, familiar world of day and night, snails and lizards and the people who live there.   Grim, whose mouth is like a crust of bread, likes to go barefoot in cold weather. Grim has the measles - he would! Gullband arrives suddenly in an envelope and, being very wooly, is immediately a favorite cat. Thrum is gentle; not a gargoyle but a cross between a lizard and something else, and he knows where a dragon lives.   He would!

Anyone who has lived in a very deep garden, or heard an elephant breathing outside the window at night, will know just how to look at this book. It is a joy; a blend of bewitching simplicity and rich fantasy that brings together forty-three poems from Susan Musgrave and thirty-nine illustrations from Rikki. It is a book that parents, and their children, will discover with excitement.

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